Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting our Website. The following rules apply to every visitor. We strive to make them always as transparent as possible.

Table of Contents

  1. General provisions
  2. Definitions used in this Terms of Service
  3. Use of the Website
  4. Updates to our Terms of Service

1. General provisions

The following terms and conditions govern all use of the www.nestec.pl website.

The owner of the Website www.nestec.pl and the NESTEC® brand is NESTEC technologie Marcin Barański, with headquarters in Koszalin, 24 Franciszkanska Street, Koszalin, 75-254, Poland, European Union, EU VAT PL6692303517.

Our Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service.

2. Definitions

Below are the basic concepts that will help you better understand this Terms of Service:

Customer – A person buying our products and/or using our services to conduct their business or professional activities, regardless of the legal form of such activities.

Nestec (we) – NESTEC technologie Marcin Baranski, with headquarters in Koszalin, 24 Franciszkanska Street, Koszalin, 75-254, Poland, European Union, EU VAT PL6692303517.

Website – Web pages belonging to Nestec, located in particular at www.nestec.pl.

User – A person using the Website.

3. Use of the Website

When using the Website, the following rules apply to you:

  1. Ordering the quote does not oblige you to buy the product. We will be pleased if you decide to place an order for the device, but it is entirely up to you.
  2. We put a lot of work and heart into the development and production of our devices, providing services, as well as an accessible presentation of many topics related to the subject of our business. The copyrights to the materials made available on our Website are the property of NESTEC technologie Marcin Barański and are protected by law. Distributing them without our consent is prohibited.
  3. Our Website may contain names, logos and trademarks reserved for NESTEC technologie Marcin Barański, other companies or third parties. These names were used solely to identify them. We do not grant licenses to use them in any way.
  4. Colors visible in photos and visualizations may differ from the real ones. It depends on the settings of the monitor used to view these photos.
  5. As our products and services develop, it is necessary to update information about them. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the content available on the Website, prices, technical specifications of the products and services offered, at any time and without the need to notify about these changes.
  6. The Website provides the possibility for Users to post comments. We reserve the right to moderate content sent by Users. In particular, content that infringes the goods of other people or entities, offensive, immoral, or of an advertising and / or promotional nature will not be accepted for publication.

4. Updates to our Terms of Service

Depending on the needs, we can change and update the Privacy Policy, e.g. when required by changes in the law, or new or changed functionality of our Website. The new Terms of Service will be published on this page, and our Customers and Users who have agreed to marketing communications will be notified of changes 7 days before the new Terms of Service enter into force.

The Terms of Service does not restrict any of your rights under the applicable provisions of the law. Please, be aware, that this Terms of Service will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland, EU.

Last modification was made: 2019-October-08.